RISING ENERGY COSTS are putting significant pressures on food businesses, and often we have to absorb these without putting up our menu prices.
One way is to look at your overall energy efficiency and where possible change your equipment. An example is the move away from gas to electricity given that the latter tends to provide more accurate energy output and less wastage.
Another approach is to look at ways of driving your ingredients further, such as choosing products which offer greater yield. In the case of pizza, your protein element — meat, chicken, fish — often has the biggest price tag, so chefs are turning to cheaper options such as pulled meats and
secondary cuts.
Your number two item after the protein is usually the cheese, and here you can often make a significant cost saving by switching to a higher yield product. A premium quality cheese may cost more up front, but you won’t need to use as much per serve to get the same flavour or coverage as with a cheaper product. This means you can avoid going down the path of using lower quality ingredients to save money while maintaining the standard your customers expect.
Rising costs