PIZZA IS THE third largest fast food category in Australia, currently valued at $3.7 billion — and there’s no sign of this slowing down.
With the pizza market becoming more competitive all the time, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your pizza stands out from the competition and will keep customers coming back for more.
Cheese makes up about 40 per cent of your pizza ingredient cost, so it’s important to choose the right cheese for the job. There are three key things that make a great pizza cheese: stretch, consistency and coverage.
Without its picture-perfect stretch, pizza cheese does not have the same appeal and can turn customers away in one bite. Perfect Italiano Mozzarella always has outstanding stretch, so customers enjoy a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time.
With new staff in the middle of a busy service period, you don’t want to be worrying about your pizza cheese and having to check every pizza that comes out of the oven. That’s why a mozzarella which has consistent performance - like Perfect Italiano - is a cheese you can rely on. Perfect Italiano Mozzarella has a mild, creamy flavour that complements but never overwhelms your other pizza toppings and delivers the consistency and mouthfeel that your customers love.
When you use a good quality mozzarella, its melt and coverage secures your other ingredients firmly in place on the pizza. This means when you put the pizza in a box for delivery you can be sure it will arrive at the customer’s home looking as good as when it left your door. Additionally, Perfect Italiano’s superior coverage means you can use less cheese per pizza, equating to lower cost per serve.
Perfect Italiano Mozzarella