HOW HELPFUL are your foodservice supplier reps in finding solutions that meet the needs of your business?
If the answer is ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ then it’s time to shop around not only for a better deal but a better supplier.
Supporting foodservice professionals such as yourself through the provision of solutions to your problems is a key focus for reputable suppliers these days, so it’s perfectly reasonable for you to judge their reps on how they perform in this regard.
“When you’re busy running a restaurant, there are a million and one things to worry about,” says Mark Williams, Anchor Food Professionals State Manager for Victoria.
“If you know you can trust not only your supplier, but the product they provide, that will bring you peace of mind. At the end of the day you want the relationship between you and your supplier to be consistently productive and valuable, and that support is going to be available when you need it. When that’s the case, then your supplier has done their job right.”
Anchor Food Professional’s reps work closely with the foodservice businesses who use their product, helping to ensure that it performs as required. Often they work with staff to establish the appropriate oven temperatures and cooking times necessary for that business to deliver the perfect pizza with Perfect Italiano Ultra or Traditional Mozzarella.
“When you surround yourself with good suppliers that can give you consistent stock, then you have a lot less to worry about in the day to day running of your business,” Mark points out. “But if you don’t have that, there’s going to be trouble in the kitchen, staff complaining and problems getting compounded.”
With some suppliers, there’s no follow-up — you might ask them to help you with a product performance issue, but if no one gets back to you then there’s no hope of finding a solution.
In contrast, Mark says: “We’re always available to help and we’re very focused on sampling. We have gained a lot of loyal customers purely based on our representation and the quality of product that we sell.”
During his time with Perfect Italiano, Mark has seen pizza become increasingly mainstream, moving away from its traditional base of neighbourhood pizzerias to encompass pubs, clubs and upmarket dining. “This is because pizza is relatively easy to make and offers such a strong profit margin,” he argues. “Pizza has become such an on-trend item that you can get it almost anywhere. It used to be more specialised to make, but now that we have frozen dough for pizza bases, cheese like Perfect Italiano Ultra Mozzarella which will perform in even the most demanding ovens, and all manner of ovens from basic conveyors to multideck and individual pizza cookers, there’s really no reason not to have it on the menu.”
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