Keep at the cutting edge2: latest GPS technology innovates home delivery

Key points

  • As GPS technology continues to evolve, even pizza delivery bags can now be equipped with GPS tracking along with time/temperature monitoring
  • This information relayed to a tracking app can enable you to monitor the performance and efficiency of your delivery drivers
  •  Real-time data availability provides instant updates on traffic jams and weather events and enables your drivers to respond accordingly
  • Utilising GPS data in this manner demonstrates to your customers that you and your staff are dedicated to getting their meal to them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ADVANCES IN GPS TECHNOLOGY are continuing to drive innovations in home delivery systems and equipment and this now even extends to pizza delivery bags equipped with GPS tracking and time/temperature monitoring!

The Continuous Temperature Food Delivery System recently launched in Canada incorporates temperature control units for both heating and cooling and real-time GPS tracking with delivery bags in a variety of sizes to suit applications from pizza and pasta to larger-scale meals.

The latest technology delivery bags are also fitted with ‘moisture management’ technology to control moisture and condensation and prevent pizza bases from getting soggy due to trapped moisture – a common problem with unvented bags. The good news is that your existing bags can usually be retrofitted with these tech innovations, so there’s no need to toss out your inventory and start again from scratch.

The GPS and time/temperature monitoring information is relayed to a tracking app which you can use to keep on top of how efficiently your takeaway orders are being delivered. Tracking apps such as these can be used to identify the fastest routes for drivers to take to ensure optimum delivery times, as well as ones which avoid unnecessary turns and waiting at traffic lights – which can lead to higher fuel costs.

One obvious benefit of using GPS tracking for your deliveries is the ability to receive instant updates on traffic jams and weather events. But real-time GPS tracking also provides you with something even more useful – data which enables you to monitor the performance and efficiency of your delivery drivers.

For example, tracking apps can tell you the driver’s speed, engine starts and idling time – and this constant monitoring of performance not only keeps drivers on their toes, it can help you identify where your procedures can be improved so your customers will get their orders in tip-top condition.

GPS tracking apps can also provide benefits to back of house staff which you may not have thought of. By being able to track the real-time location of each delivery vehicle, kitchen staff can plan their meal preparation and cooking time to coincide with when the driver arrives back at your business to pick up the next delivery orders.

In fact, the latest GPS tracking apps are making it easier for foodservice business to identify and solve potential delivery problems in real time, thereby improving the experience for their customers. They enable you to respond to customer inquiries with information that’s both accurate and up to date, and in the event of an unforeseen delivery problem (such as a traffic accident or road closure) you’re able to let customers know exactly what’s happened rather than relying on guesswork or excuses. This builds trust and creates a good impression by showing customers that you and your staff are dedicated to getting their meal to them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And don’t overlook the bottom-line benefit to your business: by optimising delivery routes and motivating your drivers to perform at peak efficiency, deliveries will be faster which means you’ll be able to serve more customers – and generate more revenue!