Pasta's Future: promote your #pasta2050 meal as part of world pasta day

Key points
  • World Pasta Day is celebrated October 25 and restaurateurs and chefs are being encouraged to participate    
  • The celebrations will culminate in a ‘virtual dinner’ with participants sharing photos and videos and a full day of tweets, Facebook events and Instagram activity 
  • #pasta2050 and #WorldPastaDay hashtags will be trending on social media and you can publicize your #pasta2050 recipe to capitalise on the attention generated by the event    
  • To help with recipe ideas, an expert panel has identified the six main trends that it believes will impact pasta’s future from now until 2050    

WHAT WILL PASTA be like in the future? From its humble origins as a staple everyday food for the Italian people, it’s already evolved to encompass new presentation styles, ingredients and flavours as the rest of the world has embraced this versatile, tasty and satisfying cuisine.

This question is the focus of the 21st annual World Pasta Day which will be celebrated on October 25 and restaurateurs and chefs are being encouraged to join in the occasion.

#pasta2050 is the theme and hashtag for World Pasta Day 2019, looking ahead to the evolution of pasta over the next 30 years. From October 18 to 25, chefs and restaurateurs both here and internationally are being encouraged to create their own #pasta2050 recipe and feature it as a special on the menu.

The celebrations will culminate in a ‘virtual dinner’ on October 25 with restaurateurs, chefs, foodies and food bloggers alike invited to share photos and videos of their #pasta2050 concept during a full day of tweets, Facebook events and Instagram activity all dedicated to promoting and publicising pasta.

By using the #pasta2050 and #WorldPastaDay hashtags to publicize your recipe on social media, your business can capitalise on the media and consumer attention generated by the event.

To help with ideas for your #pasta2050 recipe, World Pasta Day has brought together an expert panel to identify the six main trends that it believes will impact the future of pasta from now until 2050.

“If we think about how we used to eat pasta 30 or 60 years ago, we realize how much recipes, consumption occasions, formats and portions have changed,” says Luigi Cristiano Laurenza at Unione Italiana Food, one of the organisers of the event which aims to promote a central role for pasta in a good and healthy diet.

The six main trends identified for pasta’s future by World Pasta Day’s panel of university professors, sustainability experts, sociologists, journalists, nutritionists, pasta makers, chefs, food bloggers and futurists are:

1. TRADITIONAL – The Mediterranean diet as the flagship for the world

Pasta is more than just a cuisine style, it represents a lifestyle that originated in Italy and continues to grow worldwide, one that embodies conviviality and eating for enjoyment.

2. ETHICAL – pasta, vegetables and sustainability

As a sustainable food, pasta will be more and more often accompanied by home-grown products exemplifying the ‘green’ trend. Traditional recipes will make way for more vegetable-based classics within a few decades, including organic and anti-waste recipes.

3. GLOBAL – pasta fusion

Pasta will continue to be adapted to the cuisine styles of other nations as it spreads globally, so pasta recipes which fuse Italian flavours and ingredients with those of other cuisines will be featured as part of #pasta2050.

4. DIFFERENT – pasta with new ingredients

In recent years we’ve seen the rise of wholewheat pasta, pasta made from legumes (peas, beans, chickpeas) and spelt and kamut. There will be even more variety in the future, with some experts predicting the 3D printing of new types of pasta.

5. SIMPLE – more basic and healthy pasta meals

Less is more where the future of pasta is concerned – think smaller portions and less ingredients, as pasta dishes simplify. Healthy will win over gourmet: simple and basic sauces and healthy pasta meals for a range of eating occasions.

6. CONSCIOUS – reaffirming that pasta is good, safe and sustainable

With today’s consumers wanting to know more about the food they eat, it’s important that they receive the facts. This is becoming difficult in a world where the internet allows the dissemination of misleading information like ‘pasta makes you fat’. It’s important that consumers are well informed with correct details about pasta’s nutritional benefits.

World Pasta Day 2019 is about promoting these positive aspects of pasta across the world and provides a once a year opportunity like no other to publicise your pasta menu. You can find more information at: