Digital restaurant signage and how it can boost your business

Key points
  • Dynamic digital displays which can change and update at regular intervals are more likely to catch the consumer’s eye
  • You can also utilise digital menu boards with eyecatching graphics which display your current menu and change according to the time of day
  • Digital displays can communicate multiple messages and encourage impulse buys and upselling
  • You can control multiple displays from a central location and integrate your social media feeds to gain more followers

IN-STORE DIGITAL SIGNAGE is becoming increasingly popular as a means of generating customer engagement and thereby boosting your business. With consumers increasingly bombarded by all manner of imagery both in the external environment and online, concentration spans have shortened, making it harder for your advertising messages to ‘cut through’. You can no longer rely on old-fashioned static in-store signage to capture the attention of potential customers.

A better alternative is to utilise dynamic digital displays which can change and update at regular intervals, providing a range of different messages, and whose movement is more likely to catch the consumer’s eye. These can be positioned both in-store and in your window displays to communicate with passing street trade.

You can also utilise digital menu boards with eyecatching graphics to engage customers while displaying your current menu which changes according to the time of day – breakfast, lunch or dinner. These can also accommodate special offers for particular times of the day thanks to scheduling functionality, as well as integrate news and weather updates via a range of widgets.


Instead of being restricted to one message via an old-fashioned Point-Of-Sale display or poster, with digital signage you can alternate between several: showcase your full menu offering, highlight specials, publicise special promotions, encourage loyalty club signups or use of online order options, and more.


Digital signage makes it easier to upsell customers by showcasing your meals at their best via attractive food photography. As the old saying has it, customers ‘eat with their eyes’ first – and by showing them an appealing image, you can encourage them to impulse buy, go for a meal deal or add-on a side, dessert or beverage to their order. By focusing on high-margin items, this can really boost your profitability.


A great benefit of a digital signage system is the ability to immediately edit, delete and/or refresh content in real time from one central location. This is particularly useful if you have multiple displays or if you are operating displays across more than one site. You can thereby ensure consistency of your marketing message and have the peace of mind of knowing that all your displays are showing the latest updated information – great for when you are adding or deleting specials, meal deals and so on.


You can even utilise content from your social media, such as your Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter feed. Displaying these at regular intervals on your digital signage can encourage customers to follow your business online and thereby increase your brand penetration into your local market.


Digital signage and menu boards enables you to minimise the use of printed promotional materials such as posters, countertop cards and menus. This is a greener, cheaper option – you can reduce your printing costs and paper waste, and make it easier to maintain a contactless in-store environment that will reassure customers.