Promote your food business using instagram stories

Key points
  • Around 24 per cent of people check Instagram before deciding upon a restaurant
  • You can utilise special video effects and other features to tell your Instagram Story
  • A virtual kitchen tour is an ideal way to engage with customers
  • Reposting content from satisfied customers builds your business profile

MANY FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES have been capitalising upon Instagram Stories, which enable you to post photos and videos that stay online for 24 hours and can be saved on the account page for later viewing. They provide a means of encouraging potential customers to try your food – and according to a recent survey by market research firm TouchBistro, some 24 per cent of people check a foodservice business’ Instagram before deciding to go there. Here are some creative ways you can use Instagram Stories to reach out to consumers:

* Showcase your signature dishes or special offers

Instagram Stories presents a great opportunity to showcase special offers or signature dishes – and you can do a lot more than simply share a static shot! Instagram’s edit feature allows you to add text to your photo and you can use this to identify/highlight ingredients such as special sauces/toppings, locally sourced produce, high profile products and more.

* Utilise special video effects and other features

Instagram Stories enables you to use special filters and other enhancements to your still images and videos. You can use slow motion videos, showcase food from a multitude of angles, add ‘sticker’ information and more. You can also use text to tell the story behind the imagery – such as how the recipe was developed, where the ingredients were sourced from and more.

* Take customers back of house with a virtual kitchen tour

Customers love to get a glimpse into the kitchen and see your chefs at work preparing the food, and Instagram Stories makes it easy for you to take them there – with a video shot behind the scenes. Why not take customers on a step by step tour of how the chef prepares your most popular dishes, along with any special touches such as sauces or garnishes prepared in house? Pizza in particular is ideal for this sort of step by step video – you can show customers how the topping is built up, with particular emphasis on any post-cooking enhancements added just before serving.

* Add links to your other online accounts

Unlike regular Instagram posts which don’t allow you to add links, if your Instagram business account has more than 10,000 followers you can use the ‘swipe up’ feature to link your Instagram Stories content to your website, booking platform or other online posts. This makes cross-promotion easier than ever and allows you to provide info snippets that tease readers to click the link for more details – thereby driving traffic to a positive online review of your business, to your new menu, or to your website/order platform.

* Repost content from your satisfied customers

Showcasing customer reviews and feedback and reposting customer content generally on Instagram Stories is a great way to share positive stories about your food. You can also utilise Instagram Stories as a means of surveying customers to find out what they like best about your menu and what else they would like to see added to it. You can also upload videos showing customers enjoying their meals and encourage customers to share content by tagging their friends and posting photos of your food.