What’s Trending In Pizza Kitchens Internationally

Key points

  • Environmentally sustainable packaging is emerging as a drawcard for many consumers
  • Tamper proof safety seals to protect your food and brand are key to stay
  • Plant-based proteins are becoming more affordable and easier to add to the menu
  • Flavour mashups are a favourite with Gen-Z and a great choice for pizzas

WITH THE FOODSERVICE SECTOR now firmly in ‘recovery mode’ as restrictions continue to ease, we’re seeing the emergence of some new marketplace trends internationally which are likely to make their way to our stores. Some of these were already starting to make their presence known prior to being sidelined as the industry pivoted to cope with the pandemic and are now re-establishing themselves, while others are new to the scene.

* ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING is emerging as a drawcard for many consumers. Pizzamakers in New York City are proudly using pizza delivery bags and made from 100 per cent biodegradable material and even utensils made from 100 per cent biodegradable cornstarch. There’s even the GreenBox, a takeaway pizza box made entirely from recycled material. Paper straws are also becoming more popular as the push to eliminate unnecessary plastic gains momentum.

* TAMPER PROOF SAFETY SEALS on home delivery pizzas and pastas were virtually unheard of a year ago, but with contactless delivery and customers worried about the safety of their food, they’ve quickly become the norm and it looks like they may be here to stay. The seals feature a centre perforation and a ‘security cut’ to make them difficult to remove from a box without noticeable damage. This makes it easy for customers to tell if their order has been tampered with. While this innovation adds to your packaging costs, it also protects your food and brand – and that’s worth the extra investment, especially given market research which shows [LINK:]  that some delivery workers for Uber Eats admitted to “sampling” the food they were delivering to customers.

* PLANT-BASED PROTEINS have been trending high in both retail and foodservice over the past two years and as takeup continues to increase, prices are dropping, making them more affordable to add to the menu. Initially these products, which mimic the taste of beef, chicken and seafood, were difficult to cook with in the typically high temperature ovens used for pizzas – but the latest generation of plant-based proteins are designed to perform like animal protein, making it easy to do a straight swap from your existing recipe without having to modify cooking times. The presentation and flavour is designed to work with your other ingredients rather than overwhelming them, so the finished product will look and taste appetising. But the price you’ll pay is still higher than the meat alternative, and will stay so until they become more mainstream.

* FLAVOUR MASHUPS are a great favourite with your Gen-Z customers (1990s to 2010s), with Southeast Asian spices such as sriracha, sweet and savoury combos like bacon and maple syrup, and fermented flavours such as kombucha, kimchee and pickled beetroot making their way onto the pizza menu. Harissa, a Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste, is starting to trend upwards as are other peppers including ancho, habanero and serrano – all great for pizzas, especially for those who like them hot!