Picture of a cooked Eye Fillet pizza with fresh rocket leaves on top.

Eye fillet, Peppercorn, Rocket and Horseradish Mayonnaise Pizza

This pizza is a great addition to any pizza menu.


  • 1 x pizza dough 
  • 120g Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella Shredded 
  • 50g Romano cheese, sliced
  • 125ml pink peppercorn sauce (200ml Anchor Culinary cream, 10g roasted garlic, 20g pink peppercorn, reduced)
  • 100g eye fillet, sliced (4cm wide, 8.5cm long)
  • 50g whole roasted garlic field mushrooms
  • 15g baby rocket
  • 20ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 50ml horseradish mayonnaise (roasted garlic mayonnaise blended with 10g horseradish)


Pink Peppercorn Sauce:


  • Ladle peppercorn sauce on the pizza base, leaving 1.5cm edges free of sauce.
  • Evenly spread Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella Shredded across the base.
  • Evenly distribute 6 slices of raw eye fillet. Arrange roasted garlic mushrooms over pizza. Place 1 slice Romano on top of each slice of eye fillet.
  • When cooked, top with rocket leaves tossed through olive oil. Drizzle each slice with horseradish mayonnaise.